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You’ve slogged all your life trying hard to attain ‘Financial Independence’, burnt the midnight oil to realize dreams of your loved ones, crumpled up your wish-list every time to fund the fantasies of your children, never really allowed any constraint, even occasional ill-health stand in the way of your commitments and responsibilities. You’ve taken care of family, and worried about their welfare, each time. Your needs and preferences always took the back seat. AND now, you’re ready to relax, and let someone else return the favor for you. Well, It’s high time, you willingly hand over some of those mundane chores, and catch up on comfort and fun.

Serene Senior Living….the right choice for your retirement living!
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  • Mr. Neelakantan

    Veteran Actor (Serene Pelican)

    When I stayed as a guest in Shenbegam at Coimbatore, I felt it was an ideal place for senior citizens. All requirements for seniors were being met. The climatic condition and locations were additional attractions. Pondicherry is the best place to spend the rest of the retired life and Serene Pelican is an attractive location with its easy access to a Metro City. I am satisfied with the facilities that are provided now.

  • Mr. Srinivasan

    General Counsel, Aircel (Serene Adinath)

    “Covai Senior care constructions are the pioneers who are known for their service, quality, maintenance, curtesy, worry free living and care of a very high degree. It is but natural to choose Serene Adinath due to it’s location in close proximity to Chennai City and with all comforts like transportation, vehicles, trains, ring roads, hospitals, airport, and natural environment, incl. hills and dales. Further, this combines the Cosmopolitan living and the comfort of the countryside into one package. On retiring from my Service we are eager to move there and live our haydays with our peer group & the younger generation in the vicinity. We’d like to move there as per timelines given by Serene for completion of the project and the attendant facilities, for which they are vouched for.”

  • Dr. N. S. Pandian

    Dean – PG Programs, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham (Serene Idigarai)

    “Coimbatore has a pleasant climate and the gentle behaviour of the people. Serene is one those very few organisations that realises the difficulties and requirements of senior citizens.”

  • Mr. Rajaraman

    Auditor F.C.A (Serene Pelican)

    “I experienced the ambience in the existing project which made me to continue my retired life in Serene Retirement. Since my native is in Cuddalore I feel if I chose to lead my retirement life in Pondicherry, it would make me continue my relationship with my home town. This the age to enjoy nature, Serene Pelican is well landscaped and I expect it to fulfil the requirement. The facilities intimated to us thus far are enough to lead a comfortable retired life. Hope this will be continued.”