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Serene Pelican – Pondicherry

Serene Pelican – Pondicherry

Serene living beckons a serene atmosphere. With a significant French connection, Pondicherry is easily one of the peaceful places to reside. The yesteryear Franco-Tamil heritage is still present in the names of streets in French and Tamil in the French Part of the town. Puducherry, the more recent term for the previously known Pondicherry, is also known as ‘The French Rivera of the East’. Filled with a heritage that proudly claims spiritual and lineage, Serene Pelican at Puducherry is THE place to be in. Beaches, restaurants, boulevards and places of historical importance make Serene Pelican a favorite destination.

Serene Pelican is a perfect base to explore the rich destinations around it like Auroville, the international City of Unity, the imposing Senji Fort, the heritage sculptures and magnificent rock temples of Mamallapuram. For those who are religiously inclined, the holy temple towns of Kanchipuram, Tiruvannamalai and Chidambaram are an easy drive. Puducherry is accessible from both Chennai and Bangalore.

Welcome to your idyllic home; a place where you can spend your time and energy in the most comfortable fashion. The gushy winds of the town never fail to welcome you in the most hospitable manner. Rediscover yourself at Serene Pelican, the abode of quality living.


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