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Serene Pushkar – Chennai

Serene Pushkar in Chennai

After a stupendous success of our first project in Chennai, we are now back with more commitment and passion. Serene Retirement Communities in partnership with Ramaniyam Real Estates Ltd., is now launching Serene Pushkar at Chennai on OMR-ECR Link Road, Sholinganallur – near Toll Gate.

Serene Pushkar is a unique Retirement community where 134 units of Senior Living will be part of the 300 units of Active Living under Pushkar II.Our seniors will be able to enjoy the infrastructure and common amenities of Pushkar and also be part of the Serene living lifestyle with services and facilities for senior care. Our Seniors can now be a part of vibrant, lively community and at the same time enjoy the Serene Living.

About Ramaniyam

Ramaniyam grew out of the creative passion of the MD, Mr. V. Jaggannathan whose love of art and design guides the aesthetics of all our buildings. As a first generation entrepreneur he is a dynamic, hands-on leader of a young and dedicated team committed to learning, growing and constantly upgrading methods, materials and designs to produce high quality buildings.


Serene's Initiative for Seniors

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