Serene Kshetra

Serene Kshetra - Row Houses in Kanchipuram

Serene Senior Living introduces to you a new retirement destination at Kanchipuram.

Serene Kshetra retirement community comprises of twin houses, row houses, and row villas. Located in the temple town of Kanchipuram, close to Varadaraja Perumal Temple Serene Kshetrais situated 70 kilometres from Chennai and is well connected by roads and a railway network.

The senior living community is built around the new age community concept of integrated township. It is a wonderful community where you are cared for and respected for who you are. Serene Kshetra is a life away from the humdrum of the city.

Every villa is equipped with latest facilities and amenities. Serene senior care ensures basic amenities of food, games, reading and allied activities. We offer specialised battery operated vehicles for senior citizens to move within the community. We have a team of passionate workers who are available at your service 24/7.

Serene Kshetra is surrounded by peaceful walkways and a landscaped garden.

Experience round the clock personalised service at our Serene homes to make the retirement years of your life golden.

Serene Kshetra Kanchipuram Route Map
  • type-1-north-facing-8-nos

    Type 1 North Facing

  • type-2-south-facing-6-nos

    Type 2 South Facing

  • type-3-east-facing

    Type 3 East Facing

  • type-4-west-facing-3nos

    Type 4 West Facing

  • type-1-east-facing-first-floor-plan

    Type 1 East Facing Ground Floor Plan

  • type-1-east-facing-first-floor-plan

    Type 1 East Facing First Floor Plan

  • pelicon2-type-2b-271

    Type 2 West Facing Ground Floor Plan

  • type-2-west-facing-first-floor-plan

    Type 2 West Facing First Floor Plan

  • type-4-east-facing-ground-floor-plan

    Type 4 East Facing Ground Floor Plan

  • type-4-east-facing-first-floor-plan

    Type 4 East Facing First Floor Plan

  • type-4-830-sft-small

    Type 4 830 sft Ground Floor Plan

  • type-4-680-sft-small

    Type 4 680 sft First Floor Plan

  • row-house-r1

    Row House 1 South Facing R1

  • row-house-r2

    Row House 2 North Facing R2

  • row-house-r3

    Row House 1 East Facing R3

  • row-house-r4

    Row House 2 South Facing R4

  • row-house-r5

    Row House 2 South Facing R5

  • type-4-680-sft-small

    Row House 2 North Facing R6


We offer various amenities which make it a complete retirement for a family. We allow our residents to retain a sense of freedom and pride during the golden years of their life. We follow a unique well-being approach and thus give importance to social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, emotional and physical wellness. Below is a list of the facilities we offer:

  • Central kitchen & air-conditioned dining hall

  • Air-conditioned multi-purpose hall

  • Indoor Games

  • Library

  • Terrace space for private parties/functions

  • 24/7 security

  • Geriatric fitness centre

  • Dedicated medical centre

Wi-Fi enabled club house

A fully Wi-Fi enabled club house for the residents to browse on their phones or tablets.They can relax in the club house and avail our Wi-Fi facility.

Activity Centre

Our team regularly plans group activities, games, sports events, celebration of birthdays and anniversaries and other major festivals in order to promote overall well-being.

Library and Reading room

We have a well-stocked library which has all the latest books, novels and magazines. Residents can borrow books and read it in their home or can even use our well-furnished reading room.

Electronic Emergency Calling System

Every apartment has an emergency calling system installed. Residents can simply press the alert button in can of an emergency.

Geriatric Gymnasium

We have a fitness centre equipped with modern equipment. The fitness center offers a quiet environment for the elders to exercise. The geriatric gym provides ideal relaxation therapy.

Buggy Facility (Battery car)

The Serene homes also offer buggy facility. Residents can use the buggy to move in and around the community center or into sprawling landscaped gardens.

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